The 3-day conferences include keynote talks and panel discussions to create a dynamic and collaborative event aiming to inspire action and drive tangible progress towards a more sustainable future. We have specially crafted Interesting Tracks to discuss the latest trends in DecarbonizationOverview, Policy and Regulations following Net Zero aspects, Sustainability in Cold Chain & Refrigeration, Technology Innovations, Transition and Materials, Sustainability in High Rise, and most importantly Role of Stakeholders towards Global Leadership in Decarbonization.

ISHRAE CoOL Conclave aims to bring together policymakers, owners, industry leaders, manufacturers, consultants, and end users on a common platform to discuss strategies and solutions for reducing carbon emissions and taking them to an optimized level in combating climate change.

  • Projects should be completed and operational fulfilling all official completions. Project design or intend are not eligible for nominations
  • All projects must be able to demonstrate operational data for a minimum of 12 months
  • The project must be accessible for consultant meet or a site visit in physical or virtual mode ( as feasible).
  • All projects must be nominated with permission of the client & their authorized persons with communication from OFFICIAL Mail ids only
  • Proposed nomination should be willing to share detailed Technical assessment form for relevant categories.
  • Presentation with all relevant details is essential for eligibility

Please fill in the forms, attach the informative presentation and send the pdf copy to

Celebrating Excellence in Decarbonization

Awards Brief:  

ISHRAE COOL Carbon Masters Awards recognize exemplary achievements in Decarbonization efforts within the HVAC & R (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration) and built environment in India. In line with global imperatives to combat climate change, these awards highlight organizations and individuals who have demonstrated outstanding commitment, innovation, and leadership in reducing carbon emissions and fostering sustainable practices. ISHRAE COOL Carbon Masters Awards will serve as a platform to celebrate and showcase outstanding achievements in decarbonization within the HVAC&R industry and supporting allied industries. By recognizing exemplary efforts and promoting best practices, these awards inspire greater innovation, collaboration, and commitment toward building a sustainable and low-carbon future for India and beyond.

  • These are 10 exclusive awards and will undergo a process of scrutiny
  • There is no fee for nomination or application                                                                                                   
  • The awards for categories 1 to 4 are either self-nomination or company nomination by stakeholders
Award Categories: 2 awards under each category shall be recognized
  1. Corporate Excellence in Decarbonization: This award honors organizations that have implemented comprehensive strategies to significantly reduce carbon emissions across their operations and supply chains. Criteria include the adoption of energy-efficient technologies, renewable energy integration, carbon offset initiatives, and the implementation of sustainable practices in manufacturing, distribution, and service delivery.
  2. Innovative Technology: This category acknowledges technological innovations that have made substantial contributions to decarbonization efforts within the HVAC&R sector. Eligible technologies may include energy-efficient HVAC systems, advanced refrigeration solutions, smart building automation, renewable energy integration platforms, and carbon capture/storage technologies.
  3. Leadership in Net Zero: This award recognizes end-user stakeholders demonstrating leadership in integrating sustainable principles into HVAC&R systems and building infrastructure. Net Zero in any category – Water, Waste, Energy or Carbon can be applicable under the category.
  4. Excellence in Retrofit: This category honors organizations that have implemented robust approaches in carbon management frameworks and efficiency for any retrofit project in India that is operational for more than 12 months. Well-established mechanisms to track, measure, and reduce carbon emissions and energy usage, well-established efficiency parameters for water, energy and waste will be evaluated.
  5. Individual Contribution to Decarbonization: (Third Party Nominated)
    This award recognizes individuals who have made significant contributions to advancing decarbonization efforts within the HVAC&R industry through research, advocacy, education, or policy development. Nominees may include scientists, academics, industry experts, policymakers, and sustainability champions who have demonstrated exceptional leadership and dedication in promoting carbon reduction initiatives.
Evaluation Parameters:
  1. Impact: The extent to which the company and its initiative has contributed to reducing carbon emissions and advancing decarbonization goals within the HVAC&R industry.
  2. Innovation: The degree of creativity, originality, and effectiveness demonstrated in implementing decarbonization strategies or developing innovative technologies/solutions.
  3. Scalability and Replicability: The potential for the initiative or technology to be scaled up, replicated, or adapted across different sectors or geographical regions to achieve a broader impact.
  4. Sustainability: The long-term sustainability of the initiative, including its ability to deliver ongoing carbon reductions, resilience to changing environmental conditions, and alignment with sustainable development objectives.
  5. Leadership and Collaboration: The leadership exhibited by organizations or individuals in driving decarbonization initiatives, fostering partnerships, and engaging stakeholders to collectively address climate change challenges.